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Physical/Offline School

Royal Kidz follows CBSE pattern and added it with multiple activities. We focus on communication skills, power of expression, logical thinking and reasoning apart from prescribed curriculum. Various activities like Music, Dance, Yoga, Indoor Games and much more.

Offline School with personal attention

Every child is unique and possesses distinctive ability. We provide personal attention to develop it. Syllabus is divided into 7 books format. Teacher provide personal attention and teaches child by being beside to the child.

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A school that will unlock hidden potential of your child.

Student Centred Constructive Approach

Personal attention to every student, gives teacher opportunity to understand needs of student. Every student gets scope to expand his/her abilities and develop his/her personality.

CBSE curriculum is followed scrupulously and various different activities leads to 360° development of children. Royal Kidz focuses on building small groups of student to develop inter-personal interaction abilities.

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