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General Science

At Royal Kidz, our General Science Programs ignite curiosity and foster a love for discovery. Through hands-on experiments and interactive lessons, we make science fun and engaging for every young learner.


At Royal Kidz, our Music Programs cultivate creativity and rhythm in every child. Through engaging activities and interactive lessons, we inspire a lifelong love for music and self-expression.


At Royal Kidz, our Playing Programs promote physical activity and teamwork. Through fun and interactive play, we help children develop essential motor skills and social connections.


At Royal Kidz, our Entertainment Programs bring joy and laughter to learning. Through engaging activities and lively events, we create memorable experiences that delight and inspire every child.


At Royal Kidz, our Arts Programs inspire creativity and self-expression in every child. Through diverse artistic activities, we nurture imagination and foster a deep appreciation for the arts.


At Royal Kidz, our Sports Programs encourage physical fitness and teamwork. Through fun and engaging activities, we help children build strength, coordination, and a love for healthy competition.

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What Parent say about Royal Kidz?

Nitin Salunke
Nitin Salunke
21 May 2024
Nice Annual Day of royal kidz school.all teachers are very supportive, school is very good.
Mukund Anbhule
Mukund Anbhule
20 May 2024
Nice Annual Day of Royal kids school.
Bhavisha Chavda
Bhavisha Chavda
7 May 2024
Annual function very nicely organised by Royal Kidz school... Outstanding management by all staff..very happy with school
Vansh Shingare
Vansh Shingare
3 March 2024
I am happy with the teacher and management. I personally suggested to 4/5 friends their child admissions in this school.
Savita Bhosale
Savita Bhosale
28 December 2023
All teachers are very supportive and School is good.
Pradnya Bhosale
Pradnya Bhosale
27 December 2023
All staff is very good and friendly. Very good school.
Pari B
Pari B
27 December 2023
School is very good and teachers are very supportive and friendly