Royal Academy

Coaching Classes for Primary

Standard 1st to Standard 4th 

Royal Kidz is committed for continuous progress of child. Well planned sessions and personal attention to every child gives best results. Every student is special and needs different approach for enrichment. Royal Kidz uses most advanced and student friendly pedagogy. Regularity and consistency brings discipline and helps in progress of child.  

Coaching Classes for Secondary

Standard 5th to Standard 10th


With expanding syllabus student’s involvement in curricular and extra-curricular activities should grow. Royal Kidz focuses on facilitating growing persona of child. Regular practice and weekly tests keeps student alert. Good evaluation is the way to keep student and teacher alert and focused. Royal is dedicated for all round development of students.  

Coaching Classes

Junior College

Junior College is that crucial phase which decides the future career of students. Make right decisions through counselling and necessary information is must. Royal Academy keenly observes and helps students in shaping their career. Regular tests and evaluation keep students on their toes. Excellent track record of Royal Academy in success of students is the receipt of our work.

Music Classes

Guitar, Piano, DJEMBE, Congo & Bongo

Extra Curricular activities expands the vision of children and contribute in all round development. Music classes are not fun or entertainment but they provides different understanding to children. Some students later on prefer it as career option. Royal Kidz is committed to provide best possible foundation of music. Most of the children understands and love music. Natural inclination towards music can be identified and nurtured for future goals.

Sports Classes

Karate, Boxing, Yoga, Cricket

Physical, Intellectual and Mental balance is must for steady growth. Royal Academy provides infrastructure and professional coach for physical development. Karate, Boxing, Yoga, Cricket and many more options are available. Children not only enjoy sports classes but also learn team spirit, co-ordination, group interactions and discipline. Spending small portion of daily life in sports activities grooms personality of child.

Hobby Classes

Art 7 Craft, Drawing, Singing, Dance, Social Skills, Reading

Hobbies provide not only relaxation but also develop new skillsets. Mental fitness gets improved drastically with hobbies. Creative strength and imagination power gets boosted with hobby. Visualization see upward progress. Royal Academy conducts hobby classes for Craft, Drawing, Singing, Dance, Social Skills, Reading and many more. Enroll today and observe positive changes in your child.